Computer Handwritten for as Low as 49¢

Send sales boosting 'handwritten' postcards to your website visitors, automatically

Visitors click a button, you get their address, they get your postcard.


send 10 free postcards, no credit card required.


With a few lines of code, retarget your visitors with disruptive marketing, that's cheaper than a click.

If you clicked the allow button up top you've seen how it works. One click you have their address, they get your card.


Design your postcard, front & back.


Add a few lines to your website & adjust your settings.


Generate addresses, & send postcards automatically.

Build for Accuracy.

The postcard retargeting system within the platform is built to be flexible and accurate.

Geolocation Prompt

We only gather addresses from the states your want, which have a high probability of being the visitors actual address, down to 50 meters.


Push Notifications

As soon as an address is found you will receive a push notification on your computer with a link to look up more info about that address.


Wireless Network vs Wifi

Our system is smart enough to only record mobile addresses if the visitor is on their home Wifi network.

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    Computer Handwritten

    Our postcards look like you took the time to hand write it, generating a much higher response rates.

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    Flexible Campaign Settings

    You have tons of options on how to send, specific dates, days after added, holidays & more! Build multi-touch sequences with ease.

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    Find Address Information

    With just a click find information about your mailing list addresses, name, phone, email & more!

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Online Advertising is Expensive

Send Disruptive Postcards for as Low as 49¢

Due to mobile browsers, online ads have become way less effective. Postcards have a 100% open rate. Think about it.

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