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Founder & Janitor

Justin Tracy is one of the four founders of thanks.io. He has been building SaaS solutions since he was 20 years old. When he isn't sitting behind the computer, he is playing with (aka yelling at) his teen boys, & occasionally races cars.

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Justin Tracy

The Best Way to Generate Seller Leads from Direct Mail

This tutorial will go over the steps to set up sending a custom CMA to a neighborhood to generate seller leads. If you came to thanks.io to generate real estate seller leads this is the one you want to copy. We have seen response rates well north of 5% with this campaign.

How to 5x Your Real Estate Websites Sign Up Rate

Whats your current website's click to lead sign up rate? 1% 3%? What if it could be 25% Learn how to leverage thanks.io's visitor view technology to find your website's anonymous visitors.

How to Send Postcard to Home Valuation Attempts

Let's face it you're spending a ton on driving traffic to your website's seller page, (and not generating a ton of leads). So, how are you reaching out to the people that ONLY put in their address, because there is gold in them there hills.

How to Send House Anniversary Gift Cards

This tutorial will go over the steps to automatically mail gift cards to your past clients thanking them for their business & reminding them that you're still their agent.

Thanks.io Business Tutorials

Thanks.io has tons of great tutorials on how to leverage the features of thanks.io to generate more leads, customers, reviews, etc. We have many industry specific examples that you can 'steal' our images, messages and concepts to execute your perfect direct mail campaign.

How to Use Gift Cards to Recruit Agents

This tutorial will go over the steps to set up gift cards gating with a killer call to action to recruit employees, contractors, agents, franchisees, etc..

Subscribe To The Business Plan & Only Pay For Giftcards When Redeemed!

The business plan lets you send many more giftcard brands, send multiple cards at once, and much more.

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