4x6 & 6x9

Our postcards are printed in semi-gloss on 110# card stock. Full color custom image on one side, and your computer handwritten message on the address/postage side. Full color design on the address side of the card is also available. You have complete creative control + automation via REST API or Zapier. Pricing starts at just $0.49 including shipping on our wholesale plan.

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4.25 x 5.5, bi-folded


Notecards are mailed in an envelope addressed in a handwriting font, and has a real stamp. The card is bi-folded with a full color front of your own design, and a computer handwritten message inside. Computer handwritten address on the envelope will be available soon! You have complete creative control + automation via REST API or Zapier. Pricing starts at just $1.79 including shipping on our wholesale plan.

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8.5 x 11, tri-fold


Letters offer full color printing of your own custom letterheads (and footers) to perfectly frame your computer handwritten note starting 1/3 down the page. Leverage custom variables in your letters to completely automate unique letters perfect for donations, invoicing, etc. You have complete creative control + automation via REST API or Zapier. Pricing starts at just $0.99 including shipping on our wholesale plan.

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handwritten cards & letters

Is Our Handwriting Real?

Humans do not write our postcards. Think about all the carpel tunnel surgeries we are preventing. Furthermore, for 49c we would have to own an illegal sweatshop to pull this off. We do however utilize the next best thing...a hybrid font/AI system that starts with twelve custom handwritten fonts that are directly modeled off real handwriting. We took that a step further by altering the pen pressure, line angle, & glyphs to truly fool even the most cunning observer. Try it below!

Simple & Powerful

We create the best Webflow templates on the market

How you write your advertising copy will be based on where you will place your ad. If it’s a billboard ad, you’ll need a super catchy headline and simple design.

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What Our Customers Say

“I hooked up the thanks.io API to my CRM and now have another killer channel for profit. My clients love it too!”
Jack Stevens
“I love the fact postcards just go out after all my new orders in Shopify. We have seen a big uptick is multiple orders.”
Heather Miller
"I use the Chrome extension to farm Google maps for potential clients, and automatically drop them a letter. Works like a charm."
Andrew Collins
"I am not generally a fanboy of brands, but Thanks.io is an incredible company. Excellent service, great people, and a partner we trust dearly. Thanks.io has taken something as traditional as sending letters and combined it with user-friendly technology. What a great combination. It’s simple, effective and helps us build relationships like never before."
Gabriel Le Roux
"I really love this service, I was able to send my partner in New Zealand a postcard, and they just about cried! Amazing site and customer service, 10/10."
Valerie Wagner
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Over 100K Trees Planted

To help offset our carbon footprint.

10% Post-Consumer Waste Pulp

Card stock on all letters and cards.

Forest Stewardship Council Certification

Send By Email
Just send an email to us and our robots will dispatch it as a postcard to the address you specify!
Chrome Extension
Our extension allows you to add any address you see on your screen to a list in thanks.io. Or, send mail to that address without having to login to our Dashboard.
Schedule mail to be sent on, or delivered by any dates. Holidays, Birthdays, Anniversaries, etc.
Zapier Integration
Connect just about anything to thanks.io via Zapier. Build & manage lists, or send mail directly from your everyday CRM.
Powerful List Builders
We make it really easy to get any kind of list from anywhere into our platform. CSV files, map selection, demographics, landing page embeds, etc.
Take your own project or proprietary system and plug directly into our Direct Mail engine to easily access the full capabilities of the thanks.io system.
Wholesale Plan
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4x6 Postcard: $0.49
6x9 Postcard: $0.89
Letters: $0.99
Notecards: $1.79
per month
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you deliver outside the USA?

Yes, though international deliveries will take additional time (double the USPS First Class Mail estimate at a minimum, can be up to two weeks or more) depending on the destination. To see our international rates, hover over the (i) icons in the pricing tables above.

What software do you connect to?

We have several ways to connect to different software. The most common way is via Zapier. We also offer a Full REST API to power your own custom integration. To see if your software can easily connect to thanks.io, check to see if it is listed on Zapier.

Is postage included?

In a word, yes. All the prices above are the cost per unit printed, and delivered.

How long does it take to ship my mail? When will it be delivered?

When an order is submitted, it will give you a one hour window to cancel before it's processed and printed. Once printed, the card will be en route within 48 business hours. (We don't print on the weekends.) Postcards and letters are sent USPS First Class. Typically this means the card will arrive at the recipient's address 5-8 days after it is dropped off to be mailed out.

Is the handwriting real?

We use special handwritten fonts that are augmented with an AI to randomize pen pressure, line angle, and more. It is not an actual pen or person or robot writing each card.

What is your card stock/weight?

4x6 & 6x9 Postcards are 120# (14PT) gloss cover, UV coated and full bleed.

Can I cancel anytime?

You can change your bulk subscription at any time. However you will only receive your signup bonus once (when you first sign up.)

Do you use recycled paper?

Our letters and postcards use recycled paper with between 10% and 100% PCW material.

What are credits?

You will see your 'credits' posted at the top of your dashboard. These are dollars and cents that will be used whenever you place an order.

You can set a 'recharge' amount in your billing settings to automatically charge your card a set amount when your credits balance drops to zero as a result of ordering. This allows us to batch your orders more efficiently so that we don't spam your card with charges for individual letters or cards.
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