Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you deliver outside the USA?

Yes, though international deliveries will take additional time (double the USPS First Class Mail estimate at a minimum, can be up to two weeks or more) depending on the destination.

What software do you connect to?

We have several ways to connect to different software. The most common way is via Zapier. We also offer a Full REST API to power your own custom integration. To see if your software can easily connect to, check to see if it is listed on Zapier.

Is postage included in your pricing?

In a word, yes. All the prices above are the cost per unit printed, and delivered.

How long does it take to ship my mail? When will it be delivered?

When an order is submitted, it will give you a one hour window to cancel before it's processed and printed. Once printed, the card will be en route within 48 business hours. (We don't print on the weekends.) Postcards and letters are sent USPS First Class. Typically this means the card will arrive at the recipient's address 5-8 days after it is dropped off to be mailed out.

Is the handwriting real?

We use special handwritten fonts that are augmented with an AI to randomize pen pressure, line angle, and more. It is not an actual pen or person or robot writing each card.