Automatic QR Codes For Mailing Lists

Released on:

January 25, 2021

We've made it very easy to add QR codes to every postcard mailed to a specific mailing list.

In a mailing list in, you can set a 'Tracking URL' for it.

This will automatically add a QR code to the address-side of your postcard! You can also set yourself to be notified via email whenever a card is scanned by someone.

Read more about this update here:


High Resolution PDF Order Previews

Released on:

December 14, 2020

When previewing your orders in the dashboard, you will now see a proper high resolution PDF that accurately represents what we printed.

From your dashboard order history, click on the 'details' button at the far right of an order. This will show you all of your order details, including access to the high resolution preview.

Send Mail Wizard Update

Released on:

November 15, 2020

Our Send Mail Wizard has been updated to make it a bit easier to use. 'Manually Add Addresses' is now the default option when selecting recipients.


Chrome Extension Updated

Released on:

November 12, 2020

You can now mail notecards directly from our Chrome Extension!


Landing Page Background Images

Released on:

November 9, 2020

We have added the ability to change the background image on our list-powered landing pages.

'Background Image URL' and 'Redirect URL' added.

To read more about list landing pages, click here.


New! Notecards & Handwriting Color Options

Released on:

October 28, 2020

Notecards Are Now Available!

Notecards are now offered by The are bi-folded cards in an envelope with a real stamp.

Default Handwriting Colors

On your settings page you may set a default handwriting color to add some flair to your handwritten messages!


Custom Variable Symbols

Released on:

October 21, 2020

You can now use '$', ',' (commas) and '/' in custom variables for handwritten messages in order to accommodate dollar figures and dates.


Quick Send Back Design

Released on:

October 17, 2020

Fixed an issue where 'Quick Send' of a mailing list would not include the 'back of the card' design if one was present in settings.


Postcard Template Builder!

Released on:

October 13, 2020

New! Postcard Builder

You can now generate postcard designs via a URL! This allows you to generate custom postcards 'on-the-fly' programmatically. It's perfect for agencies that need to generate various cards for various purposes as needed.

More info can be found in our help center:


Custom Backgrounds Per Order

Released on:

September 23, 2020

You can now set a custom postcard background for each postcard order you create via the Card Builder:


Birthday Data & Custom Background via Zapier.

Released on:

September 7, 2020

Birthday year is no longer required to add birthdays to mailing lists (only MM/DD). Custom backgrounds can now be specified via Zapier.


Custom Postcard Backgrounds

Released on:

August 12, 2020

You can now upload a design to the address/handwriting side of postcards!

The background template can be accessed on your settings page.

For more information, please see our writeup in the help center:

Version 1.1.1


Fixed a bug with the "Mini Block" numbers position

Version 1.1


Larger breakpoints support added.

Version 1.0


The template has been released! 🎉

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