Get Wholesale, Discounted Pricing.

Join the business plan if you send more than 50 pieces a month to save $$$$$. On top of that, get access to our powerful tools like deferred gift card payments and Visitor View®.

NOTE: The dashboard is NOT mobile optimized. We recommend coming back on a larger screen to design & send your mailers.

What's Included:

The business plan is a $49/mo subscription. No contracts. Cancel anytime. Get a $49 sign-on bonus when you register!

Deferred Payment on Gift Cards

On for business you DON'T have to to pay for the gift cards up front. Only at the point of redemption. This could potentially save you $1000's because you know as well as we do, only 70% of people actually redeem their gift card. deferred payment on gift cards Wholesale Direct Mail Pricing

Wholesale Pricing

Send postcards, notecards, & letters for just a few pennies over cost. When your a member of the thanks business plan, we pass all our savings on to you so that when you send in bulk you know you are getting the best possible price.

Visitor View Website Retargeting

We can automatically find over 30% of your website visitor's name, address, phone & email for just 20c per match. With the business plan you can build a killer lead generation funnel taking full advantage of your website's traffic. Gone are the days of 3% conversion rates. Visitor View more than 10x's your websites sign up rate. website retargeting
automated direct mail sent from

Campaign Automation

Automatically set up your recipients to get mail on whatever schedule you want! Holiday, no problem. Birthday, we got ya. Even set them up on drip sequences so they get mail after they are added to a list.

Wholesale Pricing

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All prices include postage and delivery. No minimum order quantity. All items are sent USPS 1st Class Mail.


USA 4x6 | $0.67

(save $0.40!)

USA 6x9 | $0.92

(save $0.70!)

Int'l 4x6 | $1.59

(save $0.10!)

Int'l 6x9 | N/A


USA | $1.87

(save $1!)

Int'l | $3.09

(save $1!)


USA Window | $1.07

(save $1)

Int'l Window | $1.99

(save $0.50!)

USA Windowless | $1.37

(save $1)

Int'l Windowless | $2.39

(save $1)

*Add Pages for $0.20 ea.


USA | $1.87

(save $1!)

Int'l | $3.09

(save $1!)

*Plus gift denomination

A Feature-Rich Platform That CONVERTS!

These are just a few of the features you get on the business plan, and also includes our done for you design & concierge automation and Zapier setup.

Done-For-You Design

While subscribed to the business plan, will design one mailer per month for you, free of charge.

API Access

Get access to all of our tooling programmatically. Integrate direct mail into your own software/service and send without ever touching the dashboard.

Send By Email

Send an email to our special email address to send a thank you card or similar. The content in your email will be handwritten onto the card and mailed automatically.

Built-In Account Management

Are you an agency that needs to manage all of these components on a per-account basis? It's easy with "subaccounts." Manage different businesses, clients, funnels, etc. all from one dashboard.

100% On Demand

In today's world, you need to react fast. Everything you can send in is sent whenever you need it. 1, 1,000,  100,000 or more. No minimum or maximum order sizes, or commitments of any kind!

Concierge Integration / Setup

Like what you see but no idea how the wand works? No worries, we'll help you splice your ambitious ideas into your existing technology stack for no extra charge.

Chrome Extension

Scrape mailing addresses from webpages like Google Maps and drop them directly into without having to log into the dashboard.

Detailed Mail-Merge Functionality

Leverage the data you have in your list or in your CRM to generate messages, mailer designs, QR codes, etc. all on-the-fly.