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Thanks.io Business Tutorials

We understand it takes a certain combination of skills to pull off a direct mail campaign that converts. You need design skills, copyrighting skills, automation chops & just a good general sense of business.

We understand everyone can't be pros in all these categories. That's why we have two easy buttons from our clients.

#1. Use our Tutorials

We have dozens of industry specific, step by step examples on how to leverage the thanks.io platform to execute the most common direct mail needs in our most popular verticals.  We provide

  • Step by step setup guides how to pull off the campaign.
  • Source files for the graphics.
  • Examples of converting copyrighting.

#2. Purchase Pre-Made Business Solutions

On our corporate website we have many pre-made off the shelf ready to go business solutions for you to purchase. From new business looking to blast their community with the fact they're open to just listed/sold real estate blasts, the thanks.io team can just DO IT FOR YOU. Obviously these packages are a tad more marked up than if you were to self-serve, but some people would rather pay for convenience.

  • Just pick the plan & we do it all.
  • No thanks.io account needed.
  • After placing an order a team-member will follow up with needed information.
View available package here

#3. Join the Thanks.io Business Plan

If your a member of the thanks.io business plan we have concierge design & automation setup included in our low monthly price of $49. So if your looking to pull of a custom campaign and don't want to do it yourself, just ask our team for help.

  • Graphic design help
  • Copyrighting assistance
  • Concierge automation setup including Zapier.
Join the business plan here

If you're looking for the team at thanks.io to help you accomplish what you read in this article, join the business plan today!

NOTE: The dashboard is best experienced on a full-resolution desktop.