Justin Tracy

How to Use Gift Cards to Recruit Agents

Gift cards are an amazing way to incentivize your potential hires/partners/contractors/members to join you in a meeting to learn about your brand. We at thanks.io give you powerful tools that supercharge the normal gift card experience that turns it into a demand generation machine.

The thanks.io business plan gives you:

  • Payment Deferral - Only pay for gift cards when they redeem them (saving your $1000s)
  • Gift Card Gating - Make your recipient watch a video or fill out a form before redeeming the card.

Only Pay for Results

With the ability to make your potential recruits take action you can ensure your message is heard or your meeting is booked. This article will show you how to set up a gift card Zoom meeting 'bribe' using eXp realty as the business use case example.

  • First we will design the gift card & provide Canva source files that you can steal/use.
  • Then we will show you how to build the message with the gift card & Calendly/Zoom link.
  • Lastly we will show you how to build the campaign triggers that makes sending the cards completely hands off & automatic.

Design the Gift Card Image

The first step is designing the image for the card. Thanks.io has a direct integration with Canva, which makes its very easy to have your designs look legit but more importantly get your point across & convert.

  1. Click here to open the Canva Template file
  2. Edit it as you see fit.
  3. Goto the image templates section of thanks.io.
  4. Click "Design Notecard/Giftcard" (in the bottom right)
  5. This will open up Canva, from here click More > Folders > All your designs & pick the template you just designed, then hit save in the top right to save it back to thanks as a giftcard template.

Design the Message Template & Gift Card Settings

The second step will build the custom handwritten message component of the notecard as well as configure the brand/amount & redirect settings of your Calendly link.

  • Open up your message templates in your thanks.io dashboard & click "Add Message" in the top right.
  • Choose Giftcard & give it a title, than compose your message that will be compelling enough for your reader to want to redeem the giftcard & book at meeting we recommend something like this:
I was doing some research & it seems like you might be a good fit for our team.

If you scan the QR code above to schedule a 30 minute Zoom meeting we me, you will instantly receive a $50 Starbucks give card.

I promise I won't be pushy on the meeting, I just want to show you want eXp has to offer.

Thanks, Justin (555-444-3333)

Seriously, $50 is all yours if you schedule the meeting right now.
Here's how it would look on the card.
  • Now choose your gift card brand & amount from the settings under the message.
  • Than you will see field called "Go to a Website Before Redemption", this is where you want to put your Calendly URL in. You want to make sure you create a new Calendly event just for this card, call it something like Exp Giftcard Meeting. Get the full url of the that event and put it into this field.
  • Than you want to get the return link and enter it in Calendly, so they are redirected back to thanks after the meeting is scheduled. For a great write up on how to find the redirect url in calendly please click here.

Create a mailing list & a campaign

The last step is building your mailing list to start entering your potential recruits. You can do this by manually entering them, uploading them from a CSV or even Zapping them in from a CRM or google sheet (thats for another lesson). After the list is added you can easily set this giftcard to send the day after they are added to the list.

  1. Goto the mailing list section of your thanks.io dashboard.
  2.  Click "Add List" in the top right, choose "Manually Enter Addresses" & give it a name.
  3. Goto the campaigns section of thanks.io. Click "Add a New Campaign" in the top right.
  4. Pick the mailing list, image and message template you just built. Than choose sending style "Days After Added to List" & enter 1 as the days.
That's it your done. Now every person you add to your list will automatically get your gift card, complete with bribe to jump on Zoom meeting to talk about joining your team!

If you're looking for the team at thanks.io to help you accomplish what you read in this article, join the business plan today!

NOTE: The dashboard is best experienced on a full-resolution desktop.