Justin Tracy

How to 5x Your Real Estate Websites Sign Up Rate

Wouldn't it be amazing if you could magically find the name, mailing address, email & phone number of a good portion of your website visitors? We know most people are on a mobile device these days and mobile sign up rates suck. No one wants to fit finger some small sign up form, they just close it and move on.

If you're spending real $$$ on PPC marketing our visitor view technology is even more important because your leaving 85% of those paid clicks on the table. They are not buying your product, registering for your webinar, or filling out your lead form. They are just leaving.

Stop leaving $$$$ on the table.

By just adding 1 simple line of javascript to your website's footer we can automatically start finding your visitors info & adding them to a thanks.io mailing list. You can than set up direct mail automation sending your CTA (call to action) or even Zap them back into your CRM.

Remember the thanks.io business plan gives you:

  • Visitor View Widget - Found all all mailing lists for just 20c per match we find your website visitors info.
  • Campaigns - Automate the sending of direct mail from your mailing lists. Gone are the days of manual sending.

In this article we are going to go through the 4 steps of setting up Visitor View on a Wordpress website & than Zapping the data back into a CRM.

  • First we will create a mailing list & get the javascript snippet to put on your website.
  • Second, we will show you how/where to put the snippet on your Wordpress website.
  • Third we will design a postcard & give you the Canva source files that you can steal/use.
  • Fourth we will design the message to write on the back of the postcard.
  • Lastly we well set up the campaign to send the postcard & the Zap to put the data in your CRM

Create a Mailing List

The first step is building your mailing list and getting your javascript code.

  1. Goto the mailing list section of your thanks.io dashboard.
  2.  Click "Add List" in the top right, choose "Create Retargeting List" & give it a name.
  3. Scroll to the bottom left and choose the max amount of visitors to find/mo than hit "Get Embed Code".
  4. Copy the embed code into your clipboard as we are doing to need it in the next step.

Add Code to Your Website

In this step we will add the javascript embed code to your website footer.

  1. Install the Insert Headers & Footer Plugin.
  2. Open the settings for that plugin & paste the embed code in the scripts in footer field.
  3. Publish your website.
  4. Then go visitor your website to test it out & you will see new entry in your mailing list.
put script in scripts in footer

Design Your Postcard Image

  1. Click here to open the Canva Template file
  2. Edit it as you see fit. We recommend adding your logo and changing the colors of the rainbow to match your color scheme.
  3. Goto the image templates section of thanks.io.
  4. Click "Postcard" (in the bottom right)
  5. This will open up Canva, from here click More > Folders > All your designs & pick the template you just designed, then hit save in the top right to save it back to thanks as a postcard template.

Design the Message Template & QR Code

The third step will build the custom handwritten message component of the notecard as well as configure the QR code link to your call to action (CTA).

  • Open up your message templates in your thanks.io dashboard & click "Add Message" in the top right.
  • Choose Postcard & give it a title, than compose your message that pushes your real estate services BUT DOESN'T ASSUME the reader remembers that they actually visited your website. It's a find line to walk between freaking them out, jogging their memory & just having a relevant message to anyone that may get the postcard.
Hi Mike!,

We both know the real estate market has been nutty the last few years. Your home has probably gained as much as 30% in value from the last time you checked. If you have any interest in a local agent like myself stopping by or jumping on a Zoom meeting to give you the likely current value of your home please let me know.

You can scan the QR code in the top right to open up my calendar and schedule or just call me at 454-454-4544.

Thanks for considering us,
Justin Tracy
The CREE Team

P.S. This isn't the Zillow online value, these numbers are super inaccurate.  I'll be building your custom value based on real numbers of recent sales in your neighborhood.
sample postcard text with qr code
  • Copy this message, change it to match you info & add your Calendly link to the QR code setting on the message.

Create Your Campaign

Next is building your campaign automation to trigger the postcard sends when the visitor is added to the list.

  1. Goto the campaigns section of thanks.io. Click "Add a New Campaign" in the top right.
  2. Pick the mailing list, image and message template you just built. Then choose sending style "Days After Added to List" & enter 1 as the days.

Set Up Zapier to Push the Data into Your CRM (optional)

The last step is building triggering your Zap to get the visitor information back out into the software of your choice.

  1. Open up Zapier with and create a new trigger for "New Recipient Added"
  2. Pick the mailing list, then map the data from thanks to your CRM.
  3.  Now every time a new entry is added to that list their name, email, phone and mailing address will come over to your CRM.

That's it your done. Now every person you add to your list will automatically get your postcard, complete with QR code to book into your calendar. Also remember will will email you anytime your QR code is scanned!

If you're looking for the team at thanks.io to help you accomplish what you read in this article, join the business plan today!

NOTE: The dashboard is best experienced on a full-resolution desktop.