2 Powerful Ways Ecommerce Store Owners  Are Using Direct Mail To Increase CLTV

If you've got an online store, then you're probably already doing a lot of digital advertising.

Stuff like Facebook Ads, Google Shopping Ads and Display Retargeting.

If all this stuff is working well and you're making sales, you probably spend a fair amount of time thinking about how you can generate more revenue from the customers you already have.

Before you go and run yet another digital retargeting ad about your seasonal sale, maybe consider sending a postcard, or a letter, or a personalized note that gets your customer to engage further with your business and buy more of your stuff.

Thanks.io makes it very easy to get this kind of offline, direct mail marketing done. You'll simply tie your shopping cart up to Thanks.io via Zapier, and from there we send the image and the message out in the mail automagically.

Here are 2 Powerful Ways Ecommerce Store Owners Are Using Direct Mail To Increase CLTV

#1 Promo Codes That Induce Repeat Purchases

Our friends at Barbell Apparel send simple "Promo Code" postcards like the one you see below whenever an order is processed on their site. The offer is clean and simple. 15% off. The way they're adding scarcity by making the code only good for 2 weeks is a solid approach too... and the promo code is most likely trackable in their system so they can measure the roi on their campaign.

Setting up a campaign like this is pretty easy. Just login to thanks.io, create your image and style handwritten message, and tie everything up to your shopping cart via zapier.com so your cards can be sent automatically.

You can even send a sequence of multiple postcards, letters, or notecards (like a "drip" mail campaign) by using our campaigns feature.

#2 Review Getting Postcards (with Bribes)

In the example below, the Robert's customers receive one of our style handwritten postcards with a personalized request to leave a review. Notice how the review also offers a special bonus is a screenshot of the review is emailed in. And the additional "$200 for the best review" part is pretty clever too!

If you have an online store and you're not already using these 2 specific types of automatic direct mail campaigns, then you're leaving money on the table! 

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