e-Commerce Post Purchase Mail Increases Your Online Store's Bottom Line

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Post-Purchase Cards & Letters

Post-Purchase mail is one of the most beneficial things you can do as a retailer to increase your bottom line. The reason is very simple. You merely need to ask for repeat business, or for an online review. In many cases this is accomplished through some minor bribery like a coupon, free shipping on their next order, or maybe even a gift card. In other cases depending on the nature of your business, you could write a nice thank you letter that tells your customers just how much you appreciate their role in your life. These thank you messages really do matter, and it's something of a lost art in the age of digitally reinforced instant gratification.

One of thanks.io's customers, Barbell Apparel prides itself in the manufacture of top tier athletic wear.

They send several pieces of mail to their customers including a thank you letter, as well as offering a coupon codes for a repeat purchases.

Bombtech Golf Sends thank you cards as well, to tremendous effect earning repeat business with multiple followups.

These simple tokens of appreciation that are followed up with calls to action are the secret sauce of online retail success. Thanks.io makes it possible for you to bypass spam filters, and avoid competing for screen time with the ocean of digital advertisements that vie for very limited parcels of screen space. Remember, mailboxes have no spam filter! And, mailers that don't look like spam, work. Mailers that make relevant offers have a huge success rate.

Can we back that up? In a word, yes. Direct mail household response rate is 5.1%.  This is compared to .6% email, .6% paid search, .2% online display and .4% social media.

Another thanks.io user, an online Pet Pharmacy sends huge amounts of mail to pet owners that shop online at their store.

A campaign of four different cards was designed and shipped out to customers reminding them of the upcoming flea & tick season, to be up to date on their pet's medications. These are the ROI figures:

Card 1 (6x9):
  • Cost - $10,367
  • Conversion Rate - 15.28%
  • Profit - $211,245
Card 2 (6x9):
  • Cost - $12,768.82
  • Conversion Rate - 15.97%
  • Profit - $232,989
Card 3 (6x9):
  • Cost - $12,767.78
  • Conversion Rate - 16.17%
  • Profit - $229,237
Card 4 (6x9):
  • Cost - $12,777.97
  • Conversion Rate - 15.54%
  • Profit - $173,037
PetCareRX Card #2 (6x9)

Because of how specific the cards were to their clients, they were able to completely blow out the standard household response rate of 5.1% several times over.

It's worth noting as well, that you aren't limited in any way to just thank you's and offers. Everyone also very much needs more and better online reviews. Small Business Owners typically pride themselves on their product quality and customer service, and it's critical that the 'word of mouth' is propagated as far and wide as possible. Thanking your customers and asking them for their online review is something that every retailer will benefit from!

Thanking your customers and asking them for an online review is critical!

YOU can do this too, and thanks.io can help you make it happen.

Here is how.

How To Automate

The KEY to success in this strategy is simple. Do LESS work. You want to totally automate your Direct Mail strategy so you never have to send anything yourself. It all happens by using computers in the way they are meant to be used. To do all of your tedious repetitive work for you.

In thanks.io you need a few pieces in place before you can run things automatically.

  1. A Zapier account, if you don't have the technology resources to interface with our API (Zapier does the same thing, except it's way easier.)
  2. A card or letter design with your call to action or offer.
  3. A message for your card or letter.

First, you should design your card/letter and message. These thank you cards or offers can be easily designed in Canva using templates. And you can find templates to use as the basis for your cards on our website! Of course, we can help you design something nice as well, just look for our booking link at the top of this article or down below.

Secondly, a handwritten message should be constructed in your own words. Tell your customer how much their continued business means to you! Make it personal, because it is.

Lastly, you will want to connect your online retail software such as Shopify to thanks.io via zapier.

Here's a link that will help you get started: https://zapier.com/apps/shopify/integrations/thanksio

Just about any option is available to you to configure. For example, you may want to send special offers to your First-Time buyers only! Or, perhaps you want to reward your repeat customers with a coupon. Perhaps you want to send a thank you note for every order that is placed!

We Can Help!

If you're a bit technically challenged, there's nothing to fear! Thanks.io is always ready to help you implement your automation and even help you implement and design the direct mail pieces you've always dreamed of. Don't hesitate to schedule and integration appointment with us here and get the ball rolling today!

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