Built-In Campaigns

Are you looking to automatically trigger direct mail to send on birthdays, holidays, or in a drip sequence? Our campaigns make automating your direct mail a set-it and forget-it experience.

Visitor View

Our visitor view retargeting technology allows you to take advantage of nonymous traffic on your websit can find name address email and phone for up to 30% of your website visitors. From there we can automate mail sends and even inject them back into the CRM of your choice.

Zapier, Integromat, etc.

We integrate with all the top software automation platforms like Zapier and Make. Want to send a postcard when you get a new lead? Want to send a gift card when you close a deal in Salesforce? All of this is possible through automation and our team can even help you set it all up.

Integrates With


Automated Content

Stay relevant and specific to each recipient. You'll get an excellent conversion rate that you can scale up to meet any marketing goal.

Dynamic Designs

Print their name, show a picture of their house, show them the product that is waiting in their shopping cart with a discount to purchase. Change any design element on-the-fly.

Handwriting Mail Merge

Reference any info from your mailing list in your handwritten message to make each one unique to its recipient.

Full REST API Access

Our REST API gives full access to the thanks.io platform. If you're looking to deeply integrate the power of direct mail into your software platform, or even just your small business, you can easily leverage all our features with ease.

We have a well-documented postman repository that describes all of the features exposed in our API. Please feel free to check it out!