We make sending direct mail as easy as sending email

Thanks.io was designed to enabled everyone from the smallest mom & pop to the largest marketing department to leverage direct mail in their marketing stack.

From Digital to Print

We have a long history with helping clients succeed using digital methods. From PPC to SEO to follow up automation our team is well versed in how digital marketing works. We took this same knowledge and fed that into print marketing, which really needed a kick in the rear end. Out the other side emerged a hybrid product that gives digital style results with prints simplicity.

Our Story

The team at thanks.io has been building SaaS since 1999. We first built and sold one of the first real estate CRMs, called Realty Generator to Zillow in 2007. Than the team built another class leading real estate CRM called Kunversion, selling that in 2017 to Inside Real Estate. We love building products that our customers enjoy.

A few great milestones of our company

5+ years

thanks.io has been sending mail since 2017.

50M+ Pieces

We send a million pieces of mail per month.

10K Clients

Our client base is what drives us to keep innovating.

10 Employees

Our small team drives large results.

The amazing team behind Market

A Feature-Rich Platform That CONVERTS!

These are just a few of the features you get on the business plan, and also includes our done for you design & concierge automation and Zapier setup.

Done-For-You Design

While subscribed to the business plan, thanks.io will design one mailer per month for you, free of charge.

API Access

Get access to all of our tooling programmatically. Integrate direct mail into your own software/service and send without ever touching the dashboard.

Send By Email

Send an email to our special email address to send a thank you card or similar. The content in your email will be handwritten onto the card and mailed automatically.

Built-In Account Management

Are you an agency that needs to manage all of these components on a per-account basis? It's easy with thanks.io "subaccounts." Manage different businesses, clients, funnels, etc. all from one dashboard.

100% On Demand

In today's world, you need to react fast. Everything you can send in thanks.io is sent whenever you need it. 1, 1,000,  100,000 or more. No minimum or maximum order sizes, or commitments of any kind!

Concierge Integration / Setup

Like what you see but no idea how the wand works? No worries, we'll help you splice your ambitious ideas into your existing technology stack for no extra charge.

Chrome Extension

Scrape mailing addresses from webpages like Google Maps and drop them directly into thanks.io without having to log into the dashboard.

Detailed Mail-Merge Functionality

Leverage the data you have in your list or in your CRM to generate messages, mailer designs, QR codes, etc. all on-the-fly.