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10 card free trial, no credit card required.

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Is Our Handwriting Real?

Humans do not write our postcards. Think about all the carpel tunnel surgeries we are preventing. Furthermore, for 49c we would have to own an illegal sweatshop to pull this off. We do however utilize the next best thing...a hybrid font/AI system that starts with twelve custom handwritten fonts that are directly modeled off real handwriting. We took that a step further by altering the pen pressure, line angle, & glyphs to truly fool even the most cunning observer. Try it below!

Handwriting Engine Test

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If your SAAS is looking to directly integrate...

We have a full restfull API

Allow your clients the benefits of in your own app/system.

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We make it easy...

Build Your Mailing Lists

Not only do we make it easy to add lists, but we give you campaigns to trigger sends automatically.


Map Search

We provide millions of FREE addresses that can be searched using a bounding box on a map. US/CA coverage only.


Purchase Lists

Looking for women in NJ that make over 100k a year and went to college, that lived in their house for 5+ years. No problem.


Upload a CSV

Have your own list of customers, prior sales or clients that you want to stay in touch with? Upload with ease!


Sync w/ Zapier

Automatically sync your e-commerce platform, CRM, billing software, new leads & much much more. View all integrations.

4x6 & 6x9

Two Postcards Sizes + International Delivery

6x9 only available in USA.

Our Pricing Plans.

Our plans are designed to work for both pop & pop shops and large SAAS companies. Get the right plan that suits you.


99c /card
  • No monthly fee
  • Postage included
  • $1.59 for 6x9
  • 10 FREE 4x6 cards


49c /card
  • $49 monthly fee
  • Postage included
  • 89c for 6x9
  • Save $$$$ if sending
    more than 100 cards/mo
  • 100 FREE 4x6 cards (once at signup)


$1.19 /card
  • $1.19/card on wholesale
  • $1.99/card on free
  • Postage include
  • Send to any country
  • *Only 4x6 available

We have automated campaigns to put your sending on autopilot. Xmas, Birthday, the 4th Tue in March. Set it and forget it.