AI Automated Hand-Written Direct Mail

That Gets You More Business From The Leads, Customers, and Clients You Already Have!

Looking to just send a few cards from your mobile device? Send quickly & easily w/ 1 click checkout!
Real Estate Agent? Forget manual design, send just listed/sold or seller farming in less then 3 mins. works best on desktop. If you're looking to send just few cards like a birthday card or thank you card we recommend using or mobile app

Send gift cards from dozens of leading brands including....

Direct Mail is Not Dead

Why Direct Mail?

It gets delivered & seen unlike email and text message, which has taken drastic hit in deliverability over the last few years

ROI. With the increased cost & rules on PPC advertising, print is seeing a resurgence based on pure cost alone!

It's trackable! With our dynamic QR codes, you know exactly who interacted with your mailings & can follow up.

It's as easy to send as an email. Automated from your favorite software, CRM or shopping cart.

4x6 & 6x9 Postcards

Two options designed for keeping in touch and for advertising.

Customizeable Per Recipient
Cost Effective
Effective referral mechanisms available
Starting at $1.79

Notecards & Gift Cards

The biggest impact you can make in mail is the right message written in a notecard.

Gating Available -
Business users don't pay for gift cards up front; only when redeemed.

Windowed & Windowless Letters

Complex proposal? Sometimes you need a few lines to explain. Land your audience with a well-thought out letter.

Multi-page letters available @ 20c/pg
Full color printing and automation
Customizable per recipient Automation Partners

The Best Way to Delgate is to Automate

Make it your own.

Any way you can imagine splicing into your existing system is possible with our API. You can even build your own!

Zapier (of course)

If you don't have your own Zapier account, you can use ours.

Use Zapier to connect just about any system to Make an update in your store software, and have thank you cards or updates mailed to your customers automatically.

Make® Your Dreams Come True

Make is an API service platform that affords you an incredible amount of control and customization over your automated processes.

Marketers who do a lot of heavy lifting Prefer Make, and is proud to support them.

Our First Insurance Platform Integration

The integration between and InsuredMine was inevitable. Maintaining your client relationships and potential client relationships is absolutely critical for the success of your Agency. Do it effectively with direct mail.

Enjoy an easy direct mail integration that will convince you to ditch your digital marketing.


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What our clients are saying

Customer service has been stellar. At first glance the product can seem like a lot, but when you take it step by step you realize the depth of the features and functionality!


Real Estate Professional

They will actually talk to you. Great experience.


Insurance Professional

I have been using foe a couple years now. I love the way ir seamlessly allows me to automate my mail campaigns!


Digital Marketing Guru

Chloe was great. She communicated with me throughout the concierge process and was so quick at getting my campaign designed. I was able to implement it simply and appreciate seeing the progress of the stages. Definitely will use this service again!


Real Estate Professional

Customer success rep knew his stuff, got all my questions answered easily and gave me new and exciting ideas for implementation and best practices.


Super easy to use and the support team is extremely helpful. has so many awesome features that the others don't including Zapier integration. I love the instant email you get when QR codes are scanned.

Matt C.

Real Estate Professional

Direct Mail Insights


Business Owners, Meet The Future of Automation, Today: A Robust CRM with Robot Helpers

A commentary of automating your customer service through direct mail and the Go High Level CRM.

Shane Ryser
May 1, 2024


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