Automatic, Handwritten Postcards

That Get People Connecting With You & Buying More Of Your Stuff!

Sending Options

Send via Email

Just compose an email to, put address in subject & body is your message. Yes, it's really that easy.

Auto-Send to Facebook Friends

Automatically send birthday cards to your friends. Impress them with how thoughtful you are!

Send Via Chrome Extension

Anytime you see an address on a website, our chrome extension detects it and allows one click sending right from your browser. Awesome For Salespeople!

Send Via Zapier

Link us up to your Lead Database or CRM System, and send automatic, conversation continuing" follow up cards in the mail. (You can even send sequenced campaigns using Zapier's delay feature)

Send One Or Upload Your CSV and Send To Many

Login to our dashboard to send one off postcards, or upload your list (CSV) of addresses with one click.

Shared Template Library!

Not a copywriter? Not great at design? Don't worry! We have pre-written card designs for all major industries.

Nationwide Mailing List Builder

Search our database and build your own custom list. Target neighborhoods, target cities, it's up to you.

Want to 5x Your Response Rate? Go Handwritten!

Handwritten notes are special, they show your clients that you took the time to care about them & that you value their relationship and/or business. Average commercial mailings get between .03% and 2% response rate. Our cards get you a much better response because they're personalized, with a real stamp, and seem like they came directly from you, instead of from a big corporate mailing house.

What Makes Our Cards Different


100% recycled, 100% post-consumer waste processed chlorine free right here in the USA. This means we do not cut down any trees to get your postcards in front of your clients.

Handwriting Automation

Our handwriting generator puts your message & their address on the back of the postcard using real ink & a proprietary system that randomizes each letter, pen pressure & angle to generate the most realistic automated handwriting in the history of ever.

Real First Class USPS Stamp

If a person is taking time to handwrite a postcard, why the heck would they run it though a commercial bulk postage machine? Good question, that's why we don't do it, all our stamps are 100% stamps, and they look (and taste) that way.

Authentic Artwork

We sourced dozens of local artists to design us a wide variety of card templates. The more eye catching the design, the higher the response rate... Which means better results for you!

Amazing Response Rate

All of the above features, when combined together (like Vultron) create a postcard that gets results, but more importantly doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

Why You Should Try Us...

If you're serious about growing your business and making better personal connections, you're really going to like what happens when you start sending handwritten postcards consistently.

Postcards Get Opened 100% Of The Time!

Think about your own behavior when you check your mail. There’s always a lot of junk right? And a lot of times those envelopes don’t get opened. But a postcard. It’s just right there! You gotta read it. And with your postcards will always be great looking, and… the handwriting will make it seem like you really took some time to craft your message…

It's Probably Cheaper Than A Click...

Let’s face it. Facebook PPC is getting more expensive by the day and for a lot of business verticals getting clicks for less than the cost of a postcard can be a real challenge. And of course on Google, you might pay as much as $10, $20, even $50 to get 1 measly click. With our postcards you know that the message is being received nearly 100% of the time, and it’s happening at a very affordable number.

Sending Just One Card A Day Might Change Your Life!

Think about it... what would happen you committed to consistently sending one thank you card a day? That's what John Kralik did in his book “365 Thank You’s... John manually wrote one thank you card a day for a year, and his life changed drastically for the better. With you can do what John did effortlessly.

Just $.99 Cents A Card, Includes Postage

Includes Handwritten Card Designer, Chrome Address Finder, Map Search List Builder, and more. (Also includes postage, with a real “not junk-maily looking” stamp.)